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5 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips

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Summer is, for many of us, the most wonderful season. It’s when the sun comes out, we take time off for a vacation, and it’s the time when we need to get our ‘beach body’ ready! We all want to look good when on the beach, at the pool, or even on a night out, and skin care is an essential part of this.

It’s also a very important health issue in the summer months, as we know that the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to human skin, and it pays to do everything you can to stay safe and healthy. It’s important for us to stress just how quickly you can suffer skin damage in the sun – it can be as little as a few minutes at the height of summer – so please heed our advice, and be safe.

What we have here are five essential summer skin care tips that will keep you safe, and have you looking your best. These are common-sense, everyday tips, but they are also easy to forget, so let’s not delay – here is our guide on how to get the best out of the summer!

1: Respect the Sun – our first tip is one of the most important of all, and not just for those of you who are going to spend time on the beach or by the pool. Even if you are just intending to sit out in your garden, the sun can be very dangerous. This is due to the UV rays that are naturally emitted from the sun. Put simply, human skin does not like UV rays, so you certainly need protection.

It may be the beautiful object that provides our summer heat, but it damages human skin very, very easily. It’s important to remember that even a few minutes exposure – perhaps just a walk in the park – can cause skin problems, so you need to make sure you have the right protection.

Always use sunscreen, and if you have a favorite brand of moisturizer, they will have a summer version for you, with sunscreen built in. One further piece of advice: different types of skin may benefit from different levels of protection, so ask a professional dermatologist for advice.

We really can’t stress too much how important this fact is. The sun is dangerous if you are over-exposed, and skin cancer is a real risk. Take care to use full protection every time you go out.

2: Hydrate – water is your friend in the hot summer months. Experts recommend that women drink at least 2.7 liters – and men 3.7 liters – of water a day, so the simple fact is you are most likely not getting enough. Make sure you drink plenty, eat fruits that are rich in water content, and keep yourself well-hydrated.

Once again, this is a very important point for skin health. Hydration is vital to keep you fit and able to operate in the hot summer sun. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that your skin stays hydrated at all times. Invest in a good water bottle for when you’re on-the-go!

3: Deal with Wrinkles – start now where lines and wrinkles are concerned! Begin with a daily exfoliating routine, and book yourself a facial with a professional. It will make you feel good and look great at the same time.

4: Tackle Sun Damage Quick – there is no getting away from this one! No matter how high an SPF factor sunscreen you use, there will be occasions when you get just a little bit too much exposure to the sun. It could be you are caught in a conversation outdoors or you simply come across a day where James Spann’s forecast was wrong, but it happens.

The problem with this is that you may well experience some form of skin damage that looks unsightly. If that’s the case, you should reach out to a dermatologist immediately to get it checked out.

5: Wipe Clean – sitting out in the sun, or even in the shade, you will find over time your skin become oily. This is due to the substances in the sunscreen and moisturizers, and your natural tendency to sweat. And, it has to be said, this is where ready-wipes come into the picture! These excellent items can be bought anywhere, are compact and fit nicely in your beach bag, and you can simple wipe away the sweat or oil. Remember though that once you’ve wiped, you need to apply more sunscreen as you’ve removed that, too!

The above are just a handful of very useful tips that should help you stay safe when sunbathing, swimming or simply walking in the sun. We all love to get out when it’s warm and beautiful, but do be careful. Read through the above once more once more, check out any other resources, and talk to a professional about the right sunscreen for your skin.

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