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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

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Skin care treatments are for sale everywhere. Indeed, the market for them has boomed over the past couple of decades, with more products than ever before to choose from.

One such treatment has become more popular in recent years and if you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re considering Botox® injections.

The fact so many people take advantage of Botox® and that you’re reading this now it is a testimony to both its safety and its effectiveness. Botox® treatments can help visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What else do you know about Botox®? Here are 7 facts you might not know to give you more insight about Botox:

1: Botox® as a Beauty Treatment Came about by Accident?

Botox® was initially used as long ago as the 1970’s as a medicinal treatment for an eye condition called strabismus. As this condition affects the muscles around the eye, it soon became apparent that Botox was also effective as a treatment for spasms in the neck and face.

What happened next transformed the beauty treatment market almost overnight. Patients who were having Botox® treatment for the above-mentioned conditions began to notice how their wrinkles were vanishing. These days, the most common use for Botox® is as an anti-aging routine.

2: Lots More Women and Men are Using Botox® Today

If we consider that Botox® has been the most popular form of non-surgical beauty procedure since the year 2000, it becomes apparent that many people have undergone successful Botox treatments. In fact, by 2015, there had been more than 4 million cosmetic Botox procedures carried out across the world. Today Botox is both popular and safe, when administered by a licensed medical professional in a clinical setting.

And, it’s not just women who are turning to Botox® to help them look younger; recent statistics show that there are over 300% more Botox® treatments on men now than there were in 2000!

3: Botox® Has Been Excessively Studied

There is no doubt as to it’s safety when properly administered by a certified doctor. In fact, as it has been used for so long and the number of patients has increased so rapidly, it ranks as one of the most-studied treatments of the 21st century.

It’s also notable that Botox® is FDA approved, and not just for facial beauty treatments. Which leads us to…

4: It’s Effective for Excessive Sweating

Many people are unaware that Botox® is also effective for other treatments. The FDA has approved its use for the treatment of excessive sweating, especially under the armpits.

This is because Botox® is what is known as a ‘neuromodulator’. Injected into the sweat glands, Botox® relaxes the muscles, which in turn reduces sweating.

5: It’s Non-Addictive

The extensive tests that have surrounded Botox® since it became approved and more widely-used have shown that it is not an addictive substance.

However, it’s effectiveness and restorative properties do mean that you will be tempted to have Botox® treatment on a regular basis! The general advice on this is to talk to your practitioner as to the frequency and regularity of the treatment, as each individual case is influenced by a number of different factors.

6: It Can Be Used By Almost Anyone

Unlike some beauty and skin treatments, the use of Botox® is universal. What we mean by this is that people with different skin tones can use it successfully. There are some beauty treatments that can cause pigmentation problems, but that’s generally not the case with Botox®.

Botox® is safe for use by anyone who wants to look younger and get rid of those troublesome lines! Just be sure you only work with a licensed medical professional in a clinical setting. For cosmetic Botox® procedures in the Birmingham area, you can reach out to us for an appointment.

7: It Does Not Paralyze the Muscle

In the early days of Botox®, practitioners would use larger doses than they do today. This is because of experience, learning and a greater understanding of how Botox works (remember, its effectiveness as a beauty treatment came about by accident!)

Nowadays, a lower dose is administered to relax the muscle, not to stop it from moving totally. Paralysis of the muscle is no longer the norm, so you have no worries on that front.

We hope that by reading the above you have been reassured that not only is Botox® safe when properly administered by a doctor, but it is also effective and widely used.

Find a reputable Botox® doctor, seek an initial consultation, and start your new beauty routine. Like hundreds of thousands of people before you, you will soon see the visible benefits of Botox®.

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