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Cosmetic Dermatology Birmingham Alabama: BOTOX | Chemical Peels | Acne Treatment | Wrinkle Treatmentsl

Associated Dermatologists is a specialty medical clinic serving the Birmingham area with Cosmetic and Medical dermatological treatments. We’re conveniently located in Trussville just a few minutes from I-459. We offer several cosmetic services like BOTOX and our Skinceuticals line of chemical peels and skin care products.

Having a great dermatologist is one of the keys to achieving your best-looking skin. Working with the right dermatologist can help you get smoother, younger-looking skin. We have a wide range of cosmetic procedures at our disposal to help your skin look and feel youthful. Concerned about crow’s feet or acne scars? The team at Associated Dermatologists can consult with you and suggest the best procedure to help you look and feel your best.

Why choose Associated Dermatologists?

Our Board Certified and professional Cosmetic Dermatology team has been helping customers just like you with all kinds of issues related to their skin, hair, and nails for decades. We have equipped ourselves to help you fight through all of your skin related issues and bring you proper preventive care to help your skin bloom and flourish. Our ultimate goal is to ensure every client leaving our practice is satisfied, because we want you to not only look your best but feel your best.

Everyone’s skin is different, and that means that every individual needs personalized care that can help them be comfortable and stay comfortable. Give us a call TODAY and let the professionals at Associated Dermatologists help you with your cosmetic dermatology needs. We’re always here to help you.

Cosmetic BOTOX Treatments | Birmingham Alabama

If you’re like most of us, lines and wrinkles are a serious cause for concern as we age. Frown lines tend to make people look older than they really are. BOTOX is a type of relaxant. It’s able to soften and smooth most wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions like frown lines, smile lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Relaxing the facial muscles means the skin above them is not as constantly creased by the muscle movement. This causes wrinkles to soften, and in some cases disappear. A single visit to the dermatologist and a short procedure can have you looking and feeling younger for months. BOTOX is remarkably safe when it’s administered by a board-certified dermatologist like one of the doctors at Associated Dermatologists. Give us a call to see if BOTOX treatment is a good choice for you. 205.853.3960

Chemical Peels Available in Birmingham Alabama

At Associated Dermatologists, we offer SkinCeuticals brand chemical peels. Many people rely on popular at-home chemical peels, but one of our providers can often perform a highly-effective chemical peel right in the office. Revolutionary treatments from SkinCeuticals can help reduce acne scars, pigment discoloration, or fine wrinkles on the hands, neck, or face. These powerful products are only available under the supervision of a medical provider, and  can be tailored to treat your specific condition. Reveal your true beauty with a professionally-administered Skinceuticals chemical peel.

Associated Dermatologists | Serving Trussville and the Greater Birmingham Area

We’re Associated Dermatologists of Trussville, Alabama. We’re dedicated to providing outstanding medical and cosmetic dermatological services to the Greater Birmingham Area. Our office is conveniently located just minutes from I-459 and the Pinnacle Shopping Center. Reach out to our friendly staff at 205.853.3960 to schedule an appointment today.