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Tips for Healthier Skin in the Fall Months

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As fall begins to set in and the temperature plummets, you may find that the weather is taking a toll on your skin. By the end of the summer, skin damage from the sun, saltwater and chlorine is really beginning to show up. To make matters worse, the dip in temperatures and drier air in the autumn months cause your skin to lose moisture and become chapped.


If you are noticing your skin doesn’t appear to be agreeing with the weather changes, maybe it’s time for a little change. Check out these awesome autumn skin solutions for fabulous skin year-round.


Healthier Skin Tips You’ll Really Fall For


Replace the moisture. By nature, a woman’s body should contain around 40-60%
water. When the weather is dry, moisture is sucked out of you. It’s cold out so you go in to warm up…boom! The heat takes even more out. Between the dry air, wind and heat sources, your skin hardly has a chance. That’s why it’s imperative to rehydrate.


Drink plenty of water often. Moisturize your skin directly as well. From the bottom of
your feet to the hair on your head, replenish. Avoid diuretics (like alcohol) that cause your cells to shrink and wither.


Say nope to soap. Most soaps dry your skin out. They often contain perfumes and
chemicals that are not conducive to moisturization. It’s something you most likely
consider when washing your face. If you don’t use soap on your face, why should you use it on your body? Remember, your face isn’t the only place that can get dry,
wrinkled and leathery.


Pass on the poisons. Body soaps, lotions, face creams and cleansers and even
moisturizers are often loaded with chemicals. Parabens, sulfates and all those
ingredients you can’t pronounce…most of them are extremely damaging to your skin. As the cold sets in, we tend to double up on skin care products which is a good thing only if the products you are using contain only good things.


Keep your hand lotion “hands on”. In the cold months, your hands take a beating.
Keeping hand lotion or cream handy will help you remember to use it…often. Make it a habit to use the hand moisturizer each and every time you see it. Your hands will thank you for it.


Give lip service. Don’t forget to keep your lips moisturized. Dry, cracked lips are painful and unattractive. Keep a stick or jar of non-petroleum balm with you so you can nip the lip problem in the bud.


Exfoliate to make your skin look great. When your skin is dry, flake it off, literally.
Getting rid of dead, dry skin helps new, healthy skin shine through. Exfoliating scrubs, luffa sponges or skin brushes work wonders to ditch dead dry skin.


Fall can be dreadful for your skin, indeed. But, if you follow the tips above, it can be a beautiful time of transition, both for the weather and for your skin.

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